What is the ‘200 Club’?

The “200 Club” is a fund-raising scheme for the Village Hall.

How Does It Work?

Broughton Gifford 200 Club
Two hundred villagers each pay £10 per year to be a member of the club, so a total of £2,000 is collected.

Each member is assigned a number (from 1 through to 200) and each month four numbers are drawn for prizes of £10 each (a total of £480 for the year).

Twice a year (usually in the Summer and at the Village Hall Christmas Concert), draws are also made for £40, £80 and the top prize of £150 (total £540).

So, of the £2,000 collected, a total of £1,020 is paid back to the lucky members and the remaining £980 is kept by the Village Hall to help with ongoing upkeep costs etc.

More Information

Occasionally, for various reasons, 200-Club numbers become available, so if you live in the village and are interested in becoming a member, please e-mail bgvhall@gmail.com